What students are saying...

"After studying voice with the same professor in college for four years, I was extremely nervous switching over to a new teacher once I graduated. However, I became completely comfortable with Megan within seconds of my first lesson, and I can't imagine finding another teacher! Not only did we pick up right where I left off from college with my previous teacher, but we improved skills of mine that I thought were impossible to grow. There are days where I almost feel like I have an entirely new voice (for the better!!)! Megan is an extremely knowledgeable vocalist and musician; combine that with her friendly and fun personality, plus encouraging attitude, and progress will always be made."

- Holly

"Megan is a joy. Her teaching techniques are imaginative and effective. She’s patient, creative, focused, and organized. She is terrific with adult students. She’s made great strides with me. I already feel like more of a singer than I thought I could be at my age. Megan’s liveliness makes the lessons fly by, and her engagement with me as a student makes me want to practice and achieve. I feel as though she has given me a way to connect with music that I didn’t have before. I am very grateful to have found such a wonderful voice teacher."

- Robin

"I took lessons from Megan for two years when she was in Louisville. I loved every lesson I had with her. She is a wonderful, kind, and understanding person and makes every lesson comfortable and enjoyable. With a beautiful and unique voice she provides an excellent example of what students can achieve with their own voice. She gave me a firm foundation as I continue to use her techniques. How to breathe correctly has been the most beneficial. Crafting each song and using the proper time to make sure it is as good as it can be, properly enunciating every word, where to breathe, and where to carry phrases. Her warm-ups are the best as well as the way sight-singing is taught. Thanks to Megan I have had the confidence in my voice to become a self-produced professional singer with my dad on CD Baby. Thank you Megan."

- Bethany

"I honestly loved Megan's singing lessons! She used really useful and helpful techniques, and knew how to help choose the right songs that fit my singing voice! She was also very positive, always had a great attitude and took everything with the right approach! There isn't really much more to say because she always did everything right!"

- Alexa

"Megan was nothing short of an excellent singing teacher! She taught me so much about lots of different techniques that I still use every time I sing. She helped me to finally break out of my shell and gain the confidence that I needed. She pushed me to be the best singer I can be. Most importantly, she always had a positive attitude and patience. I couldn't ask for a better teacher to help my singing take flight!"

- Christina